Yussef @ XOYO for jazzed

An evening were the queue snaked to no tunnel view.

We were finally in, our turn, we ascend down in XOYO. Piqued ears to learn about jazzed and a live show to. Its launch, a streaming platform service of Jazz and Jazz influenced music.

In a space of orange diagonal and blue straight lines, shades of light. The crowd stood in pockets of dark shadows and light silhouettes

The lady DJ, pulling audio shots, fades to black, a slice in differing groovy and soulful rhythms.

Beating through to the chest, the bass pumping up my backside. Seated on the sound system type speakers, pull it up my selector. The live set music introduction, our heads nod participating and waiting.

DJ spins stops, applause echoes, I let go of my twiddling thumbs on the mobile LCD, this mo. Strength conditioning from all this mobile phone activity. Was just catching a whiff of a message you see – wink, wink.

Yussef Dayes trio, him on Drums, Charles Stacey on Keys, Rocco Palladino on Bass. Blinking curtains drawn, open senses and pay attention.

A few tracks in, LDN state of mind, jazzbap to the win. Can’t remember the tracks, you should have been there and that! Slap my ego and be humble.

A mellifluous 3 piece tribute to Yussef’s newly born daughter, blessings to her. Yussef seh its been a mad few weeks, drums and music took a back seat.

Dip of a crashing wave, the needle drop genteel, no DJ. Live drum licks between live sessions tracks.

The musicians solos in silos, independent in the spotlight shone yo, wow, cerebral.

The cameraman moves around the stage capturing, motioning shots. His gym session done and over. He is filming this is enough energy building

How you feeling London, Yussef said? Audience in their squeeze, responding with rapturous responses. Engaging of the europhic ukiyo.

I am saying though, to yous beautiful people. Mek u hit thy heights in whateva, ur talent n gift be. Incognito lyke Chrome or sharing galore or balancing tracts. Check out jazzed it may fire your pizzaz.

Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who made this journey fruitful. Friends, strangers, inbetweeners, let me stop, I am waffling on too much.