What does Pareidolia mean?

“Pareidolia” when Errol, iGed the debut album release by Clever Austin on Touching Bass.

I thought, what is this word? One paid no mind at the time. Let’s get to listening to this effort by the stable drummer from Hiatus Kaiyote.

Track six, erm.. The name, title? erm, ah, yes! Check the track listing – Speckle. Pt. 2.

Dat shortness, de choon dere, be fiyah fo repeat “tunage” – a stolen quote word, learned from Rich Blk.

When Clever played TB Live at Unit 31, late TwentyNineteen. You know man, had to take in the vibes with the TB family, init!

Tell de man seh, blud, u see dat tune yeh, Speckle. Pt. 2. Which the bwoy sounded live. Twas, snapping fingers bee knees (well, I was not this dramatic as my words will emit)

A memory in a moment, the thoughts pacing to the surface from the depths of consciousness, when “Pareidolia” cropped up again recently, so had to delve in.

It means, a randomness of seeing patterns in life (something like that!). For instance, an eye formed by clouds in the sky. CCTV camera appearing as eyes due to their positioning.

Perceptions eh! Life’s wahala (problem)!