She glided like the 6-foot wingspan of an eagle, the honesty in her dealings. The grannies were academically educated folk, proficient in international history and culture.

She loved them, and they loved her. Her great grannies cared for and schooled their granddaughter and brother. Mum’s sudden passing due to a horrendous accident meant Granny May and Day couldn’t abandon them.

Years passed, and Sanshet matured into an independent rebel woman, governmental politics her bread and butter. Rebellious in ruffling feathers at the local and central councils, abating the injustices plaguing women and men in society.

Sanshet was for harmony not inequality, reconciliation and resolution. She wanted to effect change in this dominant system of cronies, gangs, and corruptors.

Sanshet threw her hat in to run for office as an independent. No affiliations, no big donors, no power brokers. Brother Monshet backed Sanshet to the hilt, tapping into his links to the centuries-old lineage of ‘rogues for the good’ families. The unheard of, Manonims, Biskwandes, Gyavgoyes with history stepping on the toes of the Illuminati.

Many notables in Kokada Nation resonated with Sanshet and Monshet leadership, their team quickly coming together. A month to elections, people attended Sanshet rallies, filled with passion, empathy, sympathy, no hog washing the voters which was the forte of others.

The day arrived, Sanshet and her rival men aspirants. Votes in, polls closed, and the voting count in the evening and next. The transparent final results in three days.

Sanshet won. Madam President spent a week assembling her ministers from all parties – local, central, and no cast/tribe system allegiances. In securing the majority of the legislature, the multi-party system of governance was dissolved. Many cried wolf at the crushing and ruins of demo-crazy.

President Sanshet echoed her speech, birds flock and fly together. To unity, inclusivity, and uplifting from the grass to the top of the tree. Stop crying people, and let’s get to work, she said.