United States

The confusions caused, served memories of when the Tower of Babel fell in the Book of Genesis, transgressions, bloodied coup d’├ętats and civil wars. The human and animal death toll in and across kingdoms – Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa were in the fifth digits.

Around this time, the cheek of colonisation and its undercurrents was snuffed out like Assassin’s Creed, by the revolutionaries and freedom fighters – Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Nwanyeruwa, Mariam Makeba, the notables.

It was only a matter of time, the silent decibels of ideas manifested into lifeforms. An immediate continental ceasefire was drummed. A summit held by all fifty five countries for a reconciliation, the agreeing and signing of the century’s old magna carta by the heads of states.

The dreams, efforts of our ancestors working together, laying the foundations to create a shift in the continental economy. The pursuance of unity, education, sharing resources, mutual aid and curtailing poverty. The tenets of humanity, and to this end, no more borders across this earthland. An economic powerhouse from the ashes of debris in a defining tumultuous period.

The United States of Alkebulan was born, on a humble footing with China, the United States of America, United States of Europe and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the notables.

“Yes, Kwabe, What is Alkebulan?”

Dad said
“Oh! That is the pre-colonial name of Africa.”

Kwabe uttered
“But Africa was not colonised.”

Dad responded
“Paying attention son, exactly. Bedtime now, tomorrow 03-11-2025 is a school day.”