The ancient

A premonition was a far fetched notion for a child, it doesn’t mean coming into fruition but a slice of the future, nonetheless.

Dashia was 2 years of age and had an insight of his path towards education, from ages 3 to 16, he’d be in compulsory schooling. This young man was given the title of ‘Lawo’, old soul in Ggeji, a language his parents spoke at home. 

With hieroglyphs, as in Egypt, sorry Kemet, how did he even? Anyways.

Because he speaketh not fluently, Dashia wrote a letter to his mother, Xano, an Egyptologist. She understood her son’s writing, the interpretation:

Dear Mrs. Xano,

Your care and love for me and sisters is a feeling that can’t be expressed in glyph symbols. Continuous blessings thy way as you guide and nurture us in the coming stages of life.

I had a premonition this morning, about my potential school years. I have an issue with answering to the bidding of homework and a rigid national curriculum!

A closer peek, it wasn’t even diverse and inclusive considering the children I play with? It will be nice to learn about all the peopledem and vocations.

Ma, I beg you mark out an alternative system for me please. I promise not to throw tantrums and cry, being a drama emperor?

Love, Dashia

After Xano finished reading her son’s letter, she looked at him as he slept, hearing and taking in what his soul echoed, her meditation on him and the gifts of 3 children.

Xano set a blueprint, will do what she could do to make this a reality and for all to express their creativity and crafts too.

Their and her benefit, the family and world benefits. Dashia was pretend-sleeping and smiled as Ma Xano looked to hold her side of the bargain.