Tail Off

Jeru loves the marshland.

Lying in the grass, the scent of lavender lingers past. Sun kisses whisper tales of a lover’s touch.

No barking dogs on his Pop’s site or a howling fox in Hermits Park.

Jeru’s stringed beetle Toki strides the channel of his nose to forehead. The microcosm and him at one with nature.

Soundnotes wave Jeru’s mind. ‘Lift Off’ by Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes plays. The bailiffs tail off. The stress balloon pops. The debts fade.

Toki “I hear you, son. An interruption!” Jeru is perturbed by the sudden voice, but his surprise quickly turns to ease. He stares down at his beetle friend, willing him to go on.

Published by the The Story Seed