There were four shifts a day, mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, and a vibrant place to work. An above national minimum wage, keeping the bailiffs at bay, and affording the essentials in life, you know.

The 99 percent over the 1 percent, forgoing wealth, riches concentrated in the hands of a few. The norm in 20th-century living.
Now, in this 22nd-century, the patriarchal and matriarchal systems are broken, making way for a genuine consensus of cooperation, integrity, justice, rights, and fairness.

But woe betides the human who disobeys the law, the sledgehammer to thy supple hands is the call. The psychedelic rainbow high exits from thy cloud9 status as the halted breath, excruciating prickly sensation enters thy nerve endings.

A 17th-century punishment for kleptomaniacs. Oh, do not forget the aftermath of the black Lion’s weighted slamming paws to ensure the pulsating pain is current.

Baznak had only gone to buy some dried mango strips instead of a 5-minute ear full by a stranger about The State of the Union. Manners go a long way, so to stop, to listen for insights as knowledge comes from any person, Mama Baznak once told her son.