Steam 2020

The pre signs thought, taught a quicken pace to the end of the first month, of the new decade, it is the 29th already! A.I. fears this light speed of this time lost. Swim with the wind in thy sails.

We convene in South East Landon, Deptford specifically, Matchstick Piehouse detailing

Layte, late, buss thru deh door likes dere law. One had made it to the intersection @ 9 o’clock pm. Steam Down collective and the community, synergistic with calling and responding. Pre 20 minute break then swing dance to the second sesshun

Post break, the assemblage on stage – Dominic, Wayne, Fred on keys | Benji on drums | Afronautzu, Germaine on vocals. A few gents and ladies rounding tings off

Off we went to the sonic Plain. Live Jazz is the mainstay, a blend of roots music to hit to jump, thy innings be thankful

In this lane, distractions, woes, tiredness takes a plane to the distant nether regions of the minds cosmos

One felt a lift and saw it in the faces and the peopledem like a switch. Movements uncanny, musicians exchanging

Life’s zooms like Looney Tunes. So, What’s up doc?