In the Mankwe jungle, bang in the middle of land earth, the animal kingdom liveth. A kingdom of all animals and mammals. The Wolverines rummaged for food, Cuckatoos built nests, the Hyena pack embarked on conquests.

6 seasons in a day: monsoon, harmattan, winter, summer, spring and autumn. Some animals diurnal and some animals nocturnal.

A rare breed of wolf headed tings. Thick grey fur coat, black eyes, white pupils. Walked low at 6 feet. Stood high at 9 feet, an alpha female. Her highness’s presence at any part of the Mankwe plateau was met with a show and bow of respect.

Across the jungle: lions, ants, gorillas, tigers, snakes lauded her. She, the great Grandmother not a day over 200 years, who brokered the peace.

In the sea deep, lay a kingdom, a rare breed of a panther headed tings. Thick orange fur coat, green eyes, black pupils. Swam and stretched low at 7 feet. Stood high at 9 feet.

An alpha male panther, the sea creatures: octopus, seahorses, whales admired him. His highness’s presence across the sea was met with an echolocation of respect. He, the great Grandfather who never aged at 220 years, keeping war at bay and harmony in a tray.

The wolf above and the panther below had history. A history of children wiped out by the War of Behya. The sea freeholders against the land occupiers over territory and dominance. With the mass death of animals: cubs, pups, elders, a truce was called and it’s been a 100 years since any breakouts.

Mama Wolf and Papa Panther do meet and talk now and again, off the grid so not to draw any attention. One high sun, afternoon:

Mama Wolf – our children would have been adults by now?
Papa Panther – yep, we can’t bring them back.
Mama Wolf – I know yet we can dream.
Papa Panther – I miss you.
Mama Wolf – Oh stop it, I do too.

To their kingdoms they went, their paths were now different.