O humanity!

Rest in Peace George Floyd, João Pedro Matos Pinto, David McAtee, Julian Cole. Many more brothers and sisters. Tapping words to drip.

O humanity!

It takes this.. and it’s consistent thread of injustice, prejudice to move this.

E dey pain me sef. A day, days, a month needs to be set aside to delve in for further understanding and compassion. E dey pain me sef. But e be a blessed start.

We are human and we be sinning and passive at times. When a sin is realised and the capability to go within is present, to use not refuse. To curtail a wrong and root it to the bone.

Learn and it is a win. Learn not and it is a lose.

My sisters, brothers from all across the land with their capabilities and abilities. Let them, waste away not. Blessings to the many who are already participating and supporting.

The revolution from within to revolutionise the system – education, economy, state, continent, world. The fate of earth is not there, it is here.

Bun dis tings…

The walking on the opposite side of the road. Just to stay thy distance because the lady there, is weary of thy presence.

The Bill, pulls thee aside, because some neighbour saw thee walking and pondering. Apparently loitering in an alley way. This borga (dapper) is a threat.

A bottle by some yutes gets thrown in your direction, chatting bare foolishness.

A recent incident whilst biking in the manor cue Abdul Saaka

In a society where mi nephew could have lost his life. An innocent who was in no “criminal” gang ting.

The isms to schism. The systems giving people dem, deh authority to do all sorts of barbaric wickedness.

O humanity!

I hope this period of a source reflection, to listen and to learn, reach for the depths. Ahem, which should have happened before.. before… No go stop, start and pause. Brings a base change to our community, communities, society, societies.

For all the oppressed and marginalised. We the people, bleed the same. It is a shame, this rightful wrath and rage is what it takes to effect, hopefully a major shift in conscience.

To the future, pessimism and optimism side to side.

May the just and optimistic win the play to relay a history, herstory, theirstory, ourstory, a deep seated healing in this world we be in.