Last Day

Good Afternoon Cheilians, hope you are well and happy new year.

We come and go, life’s yes forwarding and no backing

Boss, heading DMC hired me. Interview over, after an hour. Walking down Ewer Street, recruitment agent calls me, you got the job.

SSO building, me here 4 years 4.5 months, of sounding with the web publishing crew, the past and present. SSO (content, web health, analytics, SEO), the wider teams, pre and post integration, the cog in the wheel that keeps churning.

From us tucked in the far corner on the 3rd floor in front of the President’s office. With finance, IT and HR to pushing them away later on, “screaming to them, we need some more space!”. SSO did not stop there though, no, no! The octopus’s tentacles stretching to EU.

Back in the office, the third floor – my mainstay. Then the first, second floors, up and down I went, even cancelled my gym subscription. Leg days for days, only strengthening, out of breathing. Trying to keep stakeholders sweet. 8 hours to more a day, London and Warszawa or Seoul. Good peoples here, here and there made it worth your day, days.

One is a cacophony of aura. No saint and no sinner. Ups and downs in the throes like a yoyo. Despite this, we try to keep winning and karaoke singing

We are winging this life, a friend once said. To talk life, work, a frustration, pull a lead, manager, HR, kindred aside and release. Just saying, as it feels good, don’t it! and rechannels.

Keep up the good work all. I am out, see yous about. All the best for the future in your endeavours, professionally and personally.