The natural intelligence shoots to the trees magnificence. The microfibres sweetening the roots, longing tentacles crawling in the fertile soil.

Silent whispers, scattering and sharing greetings between the Oak and Redwood trees. The sacred Sawumi Forest was a clear sandy 5 mile stretch from the Kwayus Tower House. An 8 storey block, multi-coloured groves secured and in the vast oasis of the blue Basi river.

The Kwayus were a family of 8. Maa, Paa and their children (3 sons and 3 daughters), who also had their partners living in the same block. Each floor partitioned beautifully, a hall, kitchen, dining room and bathroom, the handy works of Maa and Paa.

Spiral stairs, up and down to get thy exercise on. An emergency lift tucked in the corner for the tiresome. The roof top garden of cactus and palm trees, lined with a porch to play Ludo in the summer on.

A family of individuals, differing innings and perspectives. Yet, a ruckus not to erupt like Uncle Ruckus, now, that will be telling! Calmly does it, was the ethos nonetheless.

On Wednesdays, the Kwayus went on jogs through the Sawumi Forest, tis the standard ritual. Dance-jogging and singing Jama songs (clapping, call and response) from the military boarding school days.

A third of the way in the run, there was a complaint by a certain someone, here we go again, some family members echoed.

Bro. Kwayus – I am out of breath and knackered, deh Eba don finish me.

Sis. Kwayus – Young man, charge. You mo loose dat belley (belly) weight o.

Paa. Kwayus – Herh, sore na yÉ› komm. (Oi, get up and keep quiet)

Maa. Kwayus – Mo gyae no (Leave him alone). Son, to be tired, is the opportunity to adjust your thinking set.

Sis. Kwayus’s Partner – Come on champ. Make you naw let the mandem down.

Bro. Kwayus – Ooooh! You people wan dey my top. Breaking barriers in the mental and physical, I get it! Who will help me up then?

He pushed himself and upped with a side eye.

The chuckling Kwayus, approaching the halfway in 5 miles, resetting daily mind borders, fighting off the scaries.