The sparkling stars from light years pierced the heights in the firmament, king star Moon nearer Earth shone feathered white in full bloom.

Drawings on its surface, the shaping mass of earth’s continents. Reflections on Lake Gasai, waves causing ripples, the seahorses danced to the natural sonics below.

2am, the dawn of a new month, when all are temporarily asleep, not the nocturnal Katanka though. He stood at the top window of the family of fours cavern, 500 metres away from Lake Gasai.

Katanka was rinsing sounds of Kofi Ghanaba’s ‘African Rhythms’, soundwaves through the Pyhoi Sound System. Just enough hush, not to wake the wifey’s beauty and babies sweet siesta. The fomtomfrom drums from the music pulsating through Katanka’s veins, the flesh as one in this breathing earth organism.

After 30 minutes Katanka switched the system off and came down the shute like a fireman. He gently opened the door to the bedroom and stopped, his eyes fell to where his love Rajae slept, she stretched awake:

Rajae – chale you cool?
Katanka – chale I be alright, you mo sleep.
Rajae – Ee cool. Na I hear say you dey come.
Katanka – sorry to wake you o.
Rajae – That’s awite, make you come keep me company.
Katanka – I dey come naw dat.
Rajae – Aye massa gently! You go wake our babies – Efo and Sansa up.
Katanka – Solly (sorry) madam.
Rajae – Oi, don’t mess about.
Katanka – Oopsie, daisy!

Gesture silent chuckles as he approaches under the beddings into her snag embrace. Rajae and Katanka posed at each other, dozing off into the fall of morn.