Other side

Flee self, be

Living Mama’s are the carriers of thy labouring nine months

Ripples and waves of aches and pains
The anguish to relish the blossom of thy cactus
Shaping into adulthood from childhood

She parented, guarded thee, the child
Thy mind, body and soul
Differing thoughts and emotions transpire
Clash of the titans, bumpy roads and potholes

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Times, a teller
Life, in a time
Time, in times
Life, a sublime
Becoming mine
The universe aid me on the incline


My 2 by 4 Inglish, bare grammatical errors. I man, result to broken English.

Deh propa name be pidgin, mix am wit our local dialect, code switching.

Boarding school initiated, adding its own rules n ting, strengthening a language tool.

Come back to London Town with a heavy accent. By the time one realises, in this “melting pot” from another “melting pot”. Cockney sounding, awite mate, chill out! African cockney, a uni mate once said to me.

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Thy essence is dance.
A vibe, the movement in chances.
The walk, walk-run, trekking, jog, sprint, marathon. The heart, its beating. The blood, its flowing. The eyes, its seeing. The ears, its hearing. The mouth, its eating. The nose, its smelling.

The body unmentioned, congregate, sync in unison, giving self its part, full rhythm, the melody others attune to.

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