He had spotted her before, racking his brain and thinking where exactly. Then, a light bulb moment, one of those digital dating app thingies, perhaps.

Approaching her as she sat reading a book entitled “The Lakes Don’t Dry” by Mutew Samu. He didn’t have to, but a stubborn man he was, so out of the blue:

He said,

Hey good morning, you are the lady that disliked me yesterday?

Smirking and smiling, were the chaps expressions.

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United States

The confusions caused, served memories of when the Tower of Babel fell in the Book of Genesis, transgressions, bloodied coup d’états and civil wars. The human and animal death toll in and across kingdoms – Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa were in the fifth digits.

Around this time, the cheek of colonisation and its undercurrents was snuffed out like Assassin’s Creed, by the revolutionaries and freedom fighters – Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Nwanyeruwa, Mariam Makeba, the notables.

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My 2 by 4 Inglish, bare grammatical errors. I man, result to broken English.

Deh propa name be pidgin, mix am wit our local dialect, code switching.

Boarding school initiated, adding its own rules n ting, strengthening a language tool.

Come back to London Town with a heavy accent. By the time one realises, in this “melting pot” from another “melting pot”. Cockney sounding, awite mate, chill out! African cockney, a uni mate once said to me.

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