Indoors he sat, surrounded by the bells and whistles chaining his existence.

These brought happiness when engaged – games, television, mobile devices, and working from the office at home.

The so-called modern living in Dadika. A new city in the middle of nowhere. It reminded him of garage nights at Eros. He was young, free, and wild then.

He wore a silky Chinese dragon shirt, silky tight jeans, and a black leather coat. A homage to The Matrix’s Neo – no shades though, matching boots, deh people self go fear.

Nim and the posse, dey go see Lonyo catch him live singing, Summer Of Love, at the club.
Move your body round me
Come on and get undone
It’s the summer of love
Nim reminisces, reminisces, oh my God, memory lane is where mind-traveling took him.
It was not quite summery, the dawning night, the lunar phase 360° moon.

Nim went for a walk and climbed to the right side of the tower crane. He has a thing about being on the right of things! Eyes to the lit sky, what a sight he said.

A disperse from his material things and looking to switch up, as nature was a scenic trap to curl the chained insanity.