Concrete Zoo

Ramanq said, we live in a concrete zoo.

The rogue mouse, ant and the silver fish. The moth and the crane fly. Oh! Our good old friend buzzing sweet nothings in our ears, voyeuring and nibbling on human flesh, the mosquito.

One doesn’t need to go the Kpenna Zoo to see the animals or the insects. That is an expensive farce, animals and mammals captured in captivity. A prison bee for entertainment, sorry edutainment, you see.

Kaqush said, but what about the care given to other animals, shelter, and some near extinct?

Ramanq said, alright, alright, you do have a point I guess.

That said, these chaps roam in our yard freely. Besides the nuisance of the mouse, well, till Mr or Mrs. Feline gets their dashing eyes on the poor chap.
A two step stance and then a 2.6 sec knock from its paw to the mouses’ head. Devouring it and no more naughtiness. Survival of the fittest?

Kaqush, responded.

Fam, I must check on this free zoo, it pays to focus and be attentive. Right in front my eyes plus I never looked at it like that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention Ramanq.

The brothers got back to watching the tell I vision. An animal documentary, titled, The Zoo.