Bamboo cane

I dey Datus Co

Yellow shirt, embroidered crest on the left side of my top pocket
Knee long dark, blue shorts
Brown belt, matching synthe sandals

Short afro hair this time, lit. No more in my adulthood, its cool the hairs don’t like my shining scalp now

Lunch box in hand.
Meet friends and to primary school we go, in Bubuashie

Stairs to the 6th floor. Lift! What, no such privilege, please

Thy gym session before you knew about the gymnasium

The call to Assembly by the rhythm of the Fontomfrom drums

Chale, dis, be deh highlight of the mornings

Post headmaster announcements and prayers

We match to our classes, singing:

We match to our classes
We match to our classes

Kai, asa boni en kum asase. (exclamation, the bad dance ruins not the earth)

Then now seated in class. Cue Mr. Koomson, our maths teacher. The dark, tall fanti speaking gent. Capture looks the lady teenagers, bit their lips to

Recital of the timetables, in rhythm too

Please don’t make the mistake of getting any wrong! U go see ur behind fo deh action spot

Action spot, is the chalked semi-circle drawn, at the front of the class. To stand in and take thy lashes for thy sins

To prevent this, make sure the homework given the day before, is sorted init

Padded shorts made no difference. Thy thighs were bare, for a beating

These days, this practice of discipline is forbidden

But maybe, prior to dismissal of anybody who utters fuckery

A racial slur, an insult to thy essence, degrading thy existence as a human living being

For only this, please bring back the action spot

Take the thinnest, unbreakable bamboo cane. Lay it to the buttocks

Only 10 solid lashes, Only 10 lashes, solid. If u naw, think am, hear am, u go feel am

Feelings and jokes aside

People to check themselves. This learning thing aint no joke, introspection

The apple no deh fall far from the dua (tree)

Changing is the business, cue and queue