A greenness

A greenness pierced his window. In the centre, a vertical, sharp edged oval line of the challenger deep. Robotically motioning left to right, right to left.

He peered closer, for a proximate gander. Drawing wide the curtain to the antique sash window.

There in grandness it stood. As he threw his eyes down and up, from a flat on the 7th floor in this sturdied built block of bamboo.

A Dragon! You what mate! Wiped the crust out of his eye, for a triple take.

He mindfully concurred to the notion, in these modern parallel times, not all in this world of miracles is known. So a pre-historic reptile, the size of a Nephilim in a modern era, a dragon him seh, a dragon, is a definite possibility!

Slowly pulling back as the eye of the dragon tracked him like a revolving CCTV camera. He split for the door, before the venom fire to spew, could taste his skin to toast like chicken wings.

He escaped with his body, ran for the lobby. Needing no excuse to hurry!

Running from gigantic fear, only cripples the dear.